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    All purpose reef rod suggestions.

    I was hoping to get a few ideas for my new rod, I've picked up a bait runner 4000 after using a friends, i really do like this real but i don't have a rod that really complements it.

    I'm looking for something with a fairly sensitive tip to make picking up sweet lip and tuskies a little more consistent but it should also be able to handle larger reef fish if they are about. My budget is around $200.

    What would you guys suggest in this situation?

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    Re: All purpose reef rod suggestions.

    Maybe the Storm Gomoku PE1-3 Micro Jigging Rod or similar.
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    Re: All purpose reef rod suggestions.

    This might surprise you a bit but I recently used a Shimano Triton 4-8kg on a reef trip and thought it was awesome. Really light tip but heaps of grunt in the butt. Handled RTE, trout and tuskies no problems. They do heavier models too. Only about $80-90 I think from B-C-F. Not sure how good quality the components are but for a bait fishing rod and the price it is great.


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    Re: All purpose reef rod suggestions.

    I must admit i often find it hard to tell the difference between the price classes. although that said i had a go with a live fiber today on a charter and it was a little bit special. I think i'll take a look at the shimano.

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    Re: All purpose reef rod suggestions.

    I've got a Triton 4-8kg rod running 6kg line and am pleased so far, have only used it twice though. Nice sensitive tip can easily cast an unweighted pillie. Best fish so far is a 60cm snapper, handled it easily.

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