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    Gippsland Eels - any advice?

    Hey I am heading to paynesville this weekend and will have a go chasing eels, any tips? I have never tried before I am thinking in the river near Bairnsdale or are the lakes better?

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    Re: Gippsland Eels - any advice?

    Don't know many that would target an eels near Paynesville, a majority would be targeting Bream, Perch and Mullet this time of year. I have a trap that I set a private property but being so cold they are on the small side. But do make excellent shark bait during summer.

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    Re: Gippsland Eels - any advice?

    Yeah i want them for gummy bait - dont seem to get into bream - not sure why they just dont do it for me...i think we are going to stay in melb this weekend. Weathers garbage so probably fish off land somewhere on the penninsula.

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    Re: Gippsland Eels - any advice?

    I used to fish the Thompson River in Sale for conger eels some years ago. Don't leave your rods unattended as they grow huge and will drag the heaviest of gear in. Good bait in the surf and very good eating if cooked properly. I used strips of liver but they'll take most baits. Good luck

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