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Thread: Fishing out of Noosa on a Jetski

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    Fishing out of Noosa on a Jetski

    I'm thinking of taking the jetski out from Noosa for a bit of fishing. Any tips on places to go and what's biting atm sort of bait to take etc.... Hopefully there are some fairly close in reefs to try... and is it worth trolling lures? Probably won't be going up for another month or so... any assistance would be helpful as I am only used to fishing Moreton Bay.

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    Re: Fishing out of Noosa on a Jetski

    Get on Facebook and like the "Fishing Noosa" page, they give regular (almost daily) updates of what the local charter operators are catching which gives a good idea of what to target at that particular time of the year, also will give you an idea of where to target. It also includes the weekly fishing reports from Davo's tackle.

    In reality there are plenty of options, North Reef, Chardons Reef, Sunshine, Halls, Jew Shoal etc etc. As for trolling lures, it may be a bit late in the season but there was a couple of wahoo caught over the last month or so but I think the mackerel are just about done for the year and you may have missed the long tails by a couple of weeks. You never know until you give it a go though.

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    Re: Fishing out of Noosa on a Jetski

    Can't give you any advice on fishing Noosa but would be keen to join you with my ski when you head up.

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