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    Len Butterworth surf rod info

    Hi All,

    I have a Len Butterworth Fishunter surf rod that I purchased new in Perth in 1986. It is a 12' 1 piece fibreglass rod. On the manufactures sticker it has MT8144, made in Malaysia for Len Butterworth. I have caught everything from mulloway at Kalbarri (WA) to Snapper from Pukehina and Muriwai (NZ - North Island) to Tailor from City beach (Perth) and South Stradbroke Island.

    Does anyone know anything about these rods? What does the MT8144 stand for? I already know about the longevity of the rod and it's toughness, I have only had to replace 2 eyelets in the time I have owned it. This is just for my curiosity as the rod has lasted so long, travelled so far and does not look like it will need replacing anytime soon.


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    Re: Len Butterworth surf rod info

    MT = Medium Taper ( I think, could be multi taper )
    8144 = 8 wrap 144 inches long

    Sounds like a good strong casting / beach rod.

    cheers LP
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    Re: Len Butterworth surf rod info

    built lots of the MT series years ago, used to use the MT4144 for Bream rods, and Phil is correct with the interpretation of the identifying numbers, lots of rods had a numbering system that made sense, as in the JS980 was a Jig Stick (JS) 9 wraps, and 80 inches long. Right at this moment I am rebuilding an old Butterworth beach rod for Whiting, mind you, for what the bits cost, I could have bought 5 off the shelf rods, but it's just the novelty value of using a rod you built your self (well I reckon anyway)

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    Re: Len Butterworth surf rod info

    MT might be short for Mega Taper.


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    Re: Len Butterworth surf rod info

    MT was Multi Taper. FSU was Fast Surf. The MT8144 was the standard by which all surf rods were judged for many years. The FSU range came later and gave a much tippier action. I think I still have an FSU5162 and an MT8144 in the shed.
    You could contact Wilson on (07) 3890 2288, I'm pretty certain Snyder Glass would have an exact replica.

    Edit, MT144 8W is the Snyder Glass number

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    Re: Len Butterworth surf rod info

    Hey thanks for replies guys, just the feedback I was after.


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    Re: Len Butterworth surf rod info

    Quote Originally Posted by theoldlegend View Post
    MT might be short for Mega Taper.

    MT in the code of Butterworth rods stood for "Multi Taper". Good rods too, I still have a few covered in dust and cobwebs. My fav rod for tailor was my Butterworth Gold Coaster.

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