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    Travel rod advice

    Hi guys
    looking for a 3 or more piece travel spin rod for use in Tasmanian streams throwing small hard bodies etc for trout. Using 1000 - 2000 size reel. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Travel rod advice

    Hi Sporty. I'm like-minded, as I travel from Melbourne to the Gold Coast a couple of times each year by air, so need travel rods as well. I now have a collection -
    Crucis 7244, 4-piece, 2-4kg,
    Shimano Quickfire nano, 2-4kg,
    T Curve 3-5kg.
    I reckon the pick would be the Quickfire - available from the big snake at around $100, 3-piece and very sensitive. I searched through them and found one much lighter than the others, and it fishes 1-3kg really well. It's matched with a Freams 2004, spooled with 2kg braid.
    The Crucis is a truly lovely rod, but really needs to be casting upwards of 5gms to get its best - so if you want to cast ultralite h/b's, then the Quickfire handles them nicely.

    The several Daiwa travel series, (wilderness and gen' black), get a lot of airplay, but I'm afraid their slower actions just don't do it for me.

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    Re: Travel rod advice

    The Tcurve travel series are pretty good value, they make a range of models to choose from.

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    Re: Travel rod advice

    I have the Nitro travel rods and they are excellent but expensive. Recently I bought a Berkley Nomadic 2-4Kg 6'6"spin. I can't believe how nice they are and how cheap they are. Check them out.

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