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    fishing the shoalhaven river in winter

    Hello all, I am thinking of taking a few overseas work colleagues out fishing in the boat on the Shoalhaven river. I have fished there in the winter before chasing bream/flathead and I remember it was pretty slow. I am thinking of heading further up the river into the fresh water chasing bass but I don't know if the bass will be there at this time of year. Any fish caught will be released regardless. Any local advice would be appreciated. Cheers

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    Re: fishing the shoalhaven river in winter

    should be able to get estuary perch in a fews spots downriver from the bridge atm
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    Re: fishing the shoalhaven river in winter

    thanks rainbowrunner. just out of curiosity mate, how far up the river can I go in a 5metre boat? Are the bass down at the salt spawning atm?

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    Re: fishing the shoalhaven river in winter

    I googled bass and it said they are downstream in the winter. cheers rainbow

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    Re: fishing the shoalhaven river in winter

    If you follow the channel markers, and use a bit of common sense, you will be able to get to Grady's in a 5m boat, fishing will be pretty slow, probably better to fish from the bridge down to the entrance and target Bream, but you will need to fish properly, a black prawn on 15KG line will catch Toads and some other vermin and undersized rubbish. There is some good Jewfish to be had where the car ferry goes over to the Island, some live bait, or a bit of work with some lures might see you get into one (or two)

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    Re: fishing the shoalhaven river in winter

    Thanks for that Noelm, I travelled downstream from Grady's many years ago in a small tinny and I remember hitting the bottom on a bend just down from Grady's so I wont push my luck in the bigger boat. Finding live bait sounds like a challenge in itself but lure fishing for jewies has got me interested. I will google jewie lures but if you could give a recommendation I would appreciate it. What time of day should I target them? Thanks again mate

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    Re: fishing the shoalhaven river in winter

    Most guys who target them regularly tend to fish the run out tide, near the car ferry, and right down near Greenwell Point, lots of places to get poddy Mullet for bait, lures can be bigger plastics or hard bodies, what works will be a trial and error thing.

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    Re: fishing the shoalhaven river in winter

    No worries Noelm I will give it a go. I have plenty of big freshwater hardbody lures in the box but it sounds like I need to get some bigger plastic ones. cheers mate

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