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    Hello, I am a deckhand on a commercial fishing boat. When we are travelling between spots I would like to try my luck, speeds average between 7-9knts. I have never trolled before only bottom bashed and mostly experienced in lake fishing.
    I have a shimano TLD25 and a backbone elite coupled with 40lb braid. Is this suitable? Can anyone recommend me some lures(if this is what they are called)
    Sorry I am lacking knowledge in this area of fishing.

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    Re: Trolling?

    Whether or not your gear is suitable is going to depend on whether the skipper will stop when you hook a fish or not and just how long he is prepared to wait while you play a fish. 40lb gear will not be enough if the boat is not going to slow down. I have done it with 80lb gear on rod and reel and it was a struggle to land a longtail tuna of about 6 kilo. We generally set up troll lines off the back of a tug using rope or heavy cord as it is easier to retrieve under load. To the end of the rope is attached 15-20 metres of 150 - 300lb mono and the whole thing is set up using some sort of shock absorber like a bike tube. The lures are usually cheaper style skirted lures as they don't always come back.
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