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    Borumba PB

    The minister wanted to get away for a week somewhere for a holiday, low budget and towing the Yalta as part of the deal. Not that taking a 6 mtr half cab down to Imbil deer park camping by the creek was the perfect match, we decided to give it a go.
    On arrival we could see that the recent floods has played havoc on our favourite camping grounds, some sections have a few potholes washed out of an otherwise level grass area to pitch your tent, but we had the whole creek bank to ourselves after day two when the only other campers packed up and left. Nothing to do with excessive noise or offensive behaviour from us, I wondered if they were tired of the persistent showers of rain making things a little less than ideal for camping. But we had settled in and were coping well, this trip being the 1st real test of the gazebo be bought a couple of years ago.

    I set up a bait trap/pot in Yabba creek to try for some shrimp and on Tuesday, when the weather slightly improved, I took them up to the dam with us for a fish. The live shrimp/ bait was only a backup plan should plastics and hardbody lures fail to catch a fish. With no score on the board except one red claw crayfish to show for ourselves by lunch time, it was time to bring out the plan B. I found what appeared thick red schools of fish on the hummingbird sounder, not deep, on the rise from 14 Mtrs to around 6 Mtrs as we drifted toward the bank, and just before the beginning of the weed, bam, fish on. Then my wife gets slammed just as my fish hits the deck. Hey this is alright! Only trouble is we had a total of 3 live shrimp, so I hastily put the third one on because the sounder is telling me there are still fish directly under us. The next take was obviously much bigger than the 1st two (pick attached) and numb nuts forgot to set the drag a lot lighter when he rigged the 4lb leader. Ping! Now what are we going to do? I dive into my plastics collection and try every shrimp looking plastic I own, different weights, different techniques, but zip.
    We headed back to base camp to check the bait traps, and as darkness fell I even jumped into the creek with flashlight and aquarium fish net to try catch more shrimp. You can see their pink eyes glow in the dark as they move around, but it was hard work!
    Day two saw us return to the same spot just before the timbers at the top of the dam, with a total number of shrimp 5. Our little session was nothing short of amazing, bringing in 8 bass. How? 3 times the shrimp had not been devoured and used again. All fish were released even though a couple were measured as 32cm, a far cry of the 50cm fish old mate back at the campsite told us was his PB. Awesome fun and shared with my best buddy and cook. The deer at the park were cute, but not shot worthy as the BIG pig In The paddock at the park. Home now after a great chillax for a few days.


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    Re: Borumba PB

    apparently the shrimp are hard to get in the creek due to the abundance of platypus, the best i did was 2, maybe traps in the dam would work better?
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    Re: Borumba PB

    Probably right, I did have traps in the dam chasing red claw but the bait I used for them was kiwi fruit. I should have put some shrimp bait in them too, only got 1 rc for my troubles. I could easy spend another week there sorting this out but we only had till Thursday. Nevertheless, the fishing itch got a good scratch with those numbers, 8 fish from 5 shrimp!! I wish my bay exploits on snapper were always that successful.


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