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    new rod

    Just bought a shimano saragosa 8000 just what rod would best suit,fishing in 50/90m of water,want something around the 6.6ft mark going to be running 50lb braid,chasing big red emps

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    Re: new rod

    Hey Judge check out the Terez rods they are a bit longer at around the 7ft mark but are great rods to fish with.

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    Re: new rod

    I have a 8000 Gosa on a loomis pro blue 15-30lb. Very nice outfit.

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    Re: new rod

    If you want a rod to use for casting as well the 30-50 terez is the go I use it with my Stella running 50lb. If you want grunt look at the demon bloods by daiwa top quality
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    Re: new rod

    I second the demon bloods. I have a Biomaster 10000 on the 6' 4" combi jerk which is rated Pe2-4. Handles 50lb braid no worries. They are a parabolic rod though and will bend from the tip to the butt. Not to everyones liking

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    Re: new rod

    Rhyce, Both the Demon Blood and the Terez will do the job fine. If going for the Terez look at both the 30-50lb and 40-80lb in the 6'9" spin configuration. The 30-50lb is better for working plastics and casting but would struggle to fish 50lb braid to the max
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