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Thread: FG Knot

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    Re: FG Knot

    As a kid i was was taught to use the blood knot.
    One of my fishing mates taught me the centauri knot. Use it for hooks and line joins.
    With a set of scales we found the line busted below stated line strength with the blood knot - above the stated line strength with the centauri.
    Seems to work OK with braid or braid nylon joins.
    easy to do in the dark make the loops big and you can do it by feel.
    all of the above tried up to 40 lb line strength, dunno if it still applies above that.

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    Re: FG Knot

    Quote Originally Posted by Jsmfun View Post
    It really relies on that crossover biting into the main line.[/Q mate are you tying it back the front as the main line is meant to bite into the leader just checking mate
    Sorry man, I didn't see this question. I did write that wrong.

    Yes, I have the braid (main line) biting into the flouro (leader).

    So I should have said the crossover biting into the heavy line (leader)

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    Re: FG Knot

    By far the easiest and best method in my opinion is this. You watch the FG knot video that Nomad charters put out. BUT.... stop viewing at 1:45. Up until 1:45 shows you the easiest method to loop the line. Then you just do 2 hitches over the braid and mono and another 2 hitches over the braid on its own. And I dont bother about doing 30 loops. waste of time in my opinion. 10 (5 each) way is all you need. Follow this and you can do it very quickly. I am get to break this knot on a fishing. biggest GT so far 27kg.

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