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Thread: Fish Id please

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    Fish Id please

    Can anyone tell me what fish this is. Never seen them before and must of caught about 15 in the cast net.


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    Re: Fish Id please

    Tricky without a picky.

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    Re: Fish Id please

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    Re: Fish Id please

    Striped Scat or Old Maid. Those spines on the top are pretty dam sharp and nothing to play with. Aborigines used to make spear tips out of them. Not edible and rarely caught on rod and reel as they usually graze on algae.

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    Re: Fish Id please

    Doesnt look all that stripey to me.

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    Re: Fish Id please

    Close... It is a Spotted Scat (Scatophagus argus) Spines are poisonous.Attached is a screenshot from the iDfish app. Attachment 114587

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    Re: Fish Id please

    Looks like a Black Trevally, sometimes called Happy Moments because of their spines

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