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    Bens Falls Retreat

    HI Guys,

    I've been eyeing off this place for a while and I'm wondering if anyone here has been there before? If so whats the cod fishing like? Its a long way to go and I really wanna fish some good water and don't want go there if its not worth it. I am prepared to do some serious bush trekking to get into some good water but don't want to waste time on places that don't produce many fish. Any info would be very much appreciated.


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    Re: Bens Falls Retreat

    I stayed there about 3 years ago and it is a top spot.
    Definitely well worth the trip there but you do need a 4wd to access the huts.
    I am dying to get back there myself sometime.

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    Re: Bens Falls Retreat

    Awesome! How many fish did you get for the trip?

    Yeah I have a 4wd so access is no probs.


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