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    surf rod repair or buy a new one

    I have a glass surf rod, about 50 years old. It needs to be refurbished.
    What is your opinion, to refurbish or buy a new composite rod.

    Mine is as tough as old boots.

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    Re: surf rod repair or buy a new one

    Tough question depends on how much you love the rod.
    Good luck Graham

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    Re: surf rod repair or buy a new one

    Thanks for the reply. I am not familiar with composite rods, but understand they are lighter. That as such does not actually worry me too much.
    I would like to know the other benefits if I were to buy a new one. Are the modern rods better to cast with etc.

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    Re: surf rod repair or buy a new one

    Such a tough question. It really comes down to personal choice! I would LOVE to restore an old rod just for fun. That being said, If I still had all my old rods, they would never get used. The newer composite surfs rods are so much lighter and have faster actions that I really prefer these days.. I would say go the a tackle shop and hold a few Gary Howards before deciding.

    What is the old rod do you know?

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    Re: surf rod repair or buy a new one

    Mate if the rod is that old then it would be made of fibreglass and not as fragile as then newer rods. I rebuild may older rods but it is up to u which way to go


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