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    Cod in Wivenhoe?

    I've just got home from spending the morning on Wivenhoe, launching at Hamons
    So. I was sitting over a bait school when this fish surfaces and rolls about 5 ft from the boat. Scared the crap out me!
    It wAs about 900 - 1000mm long and 250 to 300mm cross the middle

    I figure a lung fish or a big cod working the bait
    I have seen lung fish before but don't know if the get that big around the middle
    It was dark coloured and dull. Not shiny

    Any thoughts?
    I got one small bass, a few spangled perch where I saw the cod? And a bazillion forkies. On bait and trolling deep divers

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    Re: Cod in Wivenhoe?

    We have released plenty of Mary River Cod into Wivenhoe. There are anecdotal reports of large Murray Cod in there from farm dam stocking before the dam was built. Chances are you saw a Queensland Lungfish though.

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    Re: Cod in Wivenhoe?

    Put money on a lung fish mate


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    Re: Cod in Wivenhoe?

    Thanks guys. It was bloody big whatever it was!

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    Re: Cod in Wivenhoe?

    Qld Lungfish
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