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    water snake battery

    Hi guys,

    Ive just bought a 24lbs thrust water snake for my yak. just after some advice on what battery to run. obviously deep cycle is the way to go but what size? im wanting to be able to run it for most of the day too. any help would be great.


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    Re: water snake battery

    Being in a yak you would want a small size and light......I've just been looking into Lithium Ion batties to run a fridge in my car.......Li batteries seem to be getting much cheaper and more available with better run down rates and shorter charge rates.........Pretty much a 40ah Li will do what a 80ah AGM will do at 1/4 the weight......Still not cheap but definatly better technology.........40ah LI can be bought for around the $350 mark if you shop around on the net and would weigh about 6kg compared to a 80ah agm that will weigh 25kg and the Li will have a much longer service the thousands for re-charging.

    Google LiFePo4.......check it out.

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    Re: water snake battery

    Cheers Dan,

    thanks for the help mate will definitely look into it. just got to make sure i buy the right battery size

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    Re: water snake battery

    I have been researching a 34lb.

    I read on web somewhere that, for a Hobie Outback,
    a very rough formula is 1 mile per 5 amp hour,
    so 40 amp/hr = 12 kms.

    Get a battery with bolt/screw posts.

    check everybattery website,
    free postage if under 15kg, so could get a
    40amp 13kg fullriver for $162.
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    Re: water snake battery

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan5 View Post
    ...Pretty much a 40ah Li will do what a 80ah AGM will do at 1/4 the weight......
    Thanks Dan, I didn't realise there was that much difference in weight/performance.
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    Re: water snake battery

    Mate an AGM by Fullriver is a good choice. Mount it upside down, sideways etc. I got one that suited my rideon mower so i didnt have to buy 2 different ones. My little 12 pounder runs for several hours on this size with my Garmin 128c also which is pretty power hungry.. □DC35-12A. 35amp hour and you can run them down lower than a lead acid.

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