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    Monduran donut

    ​Well I guess I'll never be allowed north again. What a week away at Monduran ! Four of us went, fished hard early mornings and late afternoons. Didn't catch a fish ( sorry Dave catties don't count) apart from the lack of fish we weathered an earthquake that shook the cabin and caused a blackout. Then we caused a cyclone. And to top it all off caught the mother of a head cold. At least we weren't the only fish less groups only Maurice from Toowoomba caught a fish ( and he's been fishing the dam for the last 12 years) so even he had trouble. We came home 2 days early to avoid the cyclone and this was probably the best decision of the week. Apart from the lack of fish we had a ton of fun and learned a lot about the dam. So perhaps a trip in the future will be more productive. We will however give you all enough notice to ensure your earthquake and flood insurance is adequate!

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    Re: Monduran donut

    Welcome to fishing the barra dams. It aint all beers and skittles. I have had the same experience at Awoonga but in reverse. Fished it for 5 years and never missed - only to pull a donut when I took my young bloke up there for a crack. Don't give up though, it's good fun when you eventually get it wired.
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    Re: Monduran donut

    Its a bloody big dam ay. I was Shocked when I did a day trip there. I got one barra strike and had a toga have a go but that was it haha. Ill go back again coz its only 1.5 hrs from here

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    Re: Monduran donut

    bad day and good days we all have those...

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    Re: Monduran donut

    Will be an even bigger dam after this rain!!

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    Re: Monduran donut

    Stick ugly the human Monduran tackleback!
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    Re: Monduran donut

    Hey all, fished Monduran for three days last week. The Dam was dead as a maggot. You name it I tried it! A number of boats there but never heard of one fish caught. Still plenty of new water going in and the temp was down a bit. Its happened before and no doubt will again! Still beats workin!

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    Re: Monduran donut

    Mate not enough buddy rum

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