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    Fishing spots around Marysville, VIC?

    Hi all,

    I'm heading up to Marysville, VIC with my partner for a weekend and want to wet a line (conventional not fly).

    We were initially going to go to the trout/ salmon farm but can't justify having to pay for each catch or being unable to release (a fishing experience could be over in 5 minutes and set us back a $100 after catching a couple fish).

    So I'm curious if anyone can please tell me a couple nice spots, roads or Google coordinators around the local rivers or creeks (Wilks creek, Stevenson river, Taggerty river). I've been up to Lake Eildon before but am just after something a bit quicker and closer.

    Please tell me below or PM me, it will be much appreciated.


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    Re: Fishing spots around Marysville, VIC?

    all of those streams listed hold trout . walk up stream casting a bunch of unweighted grass hoppers into likely looking spots and you will catch as many trout as you want

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    Re: Fishing spots around Marysville, VIC?

    Thanks frosti I appreciate.

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    Re: Fishing spots around Marysville, VIC?

    I never done any form of fresh water fishing in streams, I'm actually a little excited, even if I'm unsuccessful.

    Do you have any other tips?

    My Grandfather always told me to be quiet and gently on the feet along with trying to fish the edges near coverage and insect rich regions along with reduced water flow as that's where the fish reside while conserving energy.

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    Re: Fishing spots around Marysville, VIC?

    always walk upstream and put as many hoppers on a hook as possible at once so it makes it easier to cast . early morning and late arvos the go , dont even bother during the day

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    Re: Fishing spots around Marysville, VIC?

    Thanks mate

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