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    Re: Re-power Cruisemaster 700 with diesel

    See exactly what you mean

    Even if you have to do a little mod to fit it, on the rear of the boat it can be best described as "The Power Bulge"
    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: Re-power Cruisemaster 700 with diesel

    If I need to change I will take it right across the engine bay with a step out. I will have to take the swim platform back off to do any modification which is a step backwards. I hope to get time today to take some measurements.

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    Re: Re-power Cruisemaster 700 with diesel

    So reinstalled the transom shield this morning and did some measuring and it will just make it. Not as much clearance one would like but enough.

    I may still get the saw back out when I get back and cut out the old recessed section from the old boarding ladder at the stern. I looked at it before and decided that it won't bother if I just left it. Looking now at getting the most room for equipment down the back it's back on the list. The benefits will be much greater for the amount of work involved to cut it out and glass a flat panel back in. As you can see from the photos it does take some very useable area which I can use to install a blower.

    I really need to stop modifying, but then again that's what this project has turned into.

    Rehashing the helm area is going to be an interesting project and very itchy.
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    Re: Re-power Cruisemaster 700 with diesel

    Back from work and a couple of days just to relax then got out with the saw and cut the ladder recess out and into the wheelie bin. I looked at it for an hour trying to convince myself not to do it but lost.
    Certainly has given me some more needed space at the stern. 3 liters of resin, 13 layers of 450 gram CSM and Cloth and 5 layers of 600 gram CSM and about 2 more to lay down and then sanding and fairing.
    This time home I would like to get most of the glassing finished at the stern but will see how I go as plenty to do and I am getting slower. Mate came around when I was attacking the stern with a saw and said "Well looks like another 12 months before we get out fishing". Just love a smart ass.


    Some people worry about putting a hole in their boat for a bung


    Used 12mm ply as a backing inside and it will have a bracket glassed in for the engine blower it will also support the trim tab motor out of the road.


    Photo from inside which may be hard to see the extra room.

    Couple of more layers to go. I give the builder top marks for not skimping on the glass. The stern was 13 mm thick which explains why this boat weighs so much.
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    Re: Re-power Cruisemaster 700 with diesel

    Well it's been a while since I worked on the boat as work and home duties have kept me busy.

    Last trip home from work the plan was to do some mulching the first few days home and get stuck into the boat but second day home I decided to drive a pitch fork through my foot which had me down for the rest of the 3 weeks home unable to do much. Anyway the wife thinks it was funny and hasn't let me forget it.

    Well the Steyr diesel is due for some preservation so on Wednesday I am running it into the dealer to bench run and get it sprayed in side. Thought I would do it now instead of having to tow the whole rig in. I have had the drive hanging off the engine hoist for some time and now was a good time to make the rolling stand as I need the hoist to lift the motor into the trailer. Knocked it up in a day and I will give it a coat of paint later. Something else off the list and also started fabricating a rolling gantry for the engine install which is not far off once I finish off the glassing and modifications around the stern, this is what my main focus is this trip home.

    A couple of photos of the rolling stand which will make installing and removing the drive much easier.


    So have decided that on the starboard side at the stern I will raise the deck level the same as the port side which will help keeping the area dry. Before the crank battery and other equipment was always subject to water and the plan is to keep the stern area dry.


    Also will install fairing blocks on the stern for transducer mounting since I installed bungs in the stern I lost mounting positions and I plan on completing sanding and gelcoating from the removal of the boarding ladder. That will have the outside stern completed ready for reinstalling the transom shield, gimbal bracket, trim tabs etc. Once I get the inside stern area finished it will be time to install the engine and all the bells and whistles.

    I was a little pissed off with myself for not tackling the boarding ladder and the transducer mounts while I was rebuilding the stern first off. It's funny sometimes when you say to yourself "I should do this" and talk yourself out of it only to change your mind. Gelcoating and sanding the stern was pretty time consuming the first time and now I am about to do it again.


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    Re: Re-power Cruisemaster 700 with diesel

    man shes coming together for sure!

    Marine outfitting solutions

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    Re: Re-power Cruisemaster 700 with diesel

    Quote Originally Posted by chocolatemoose View Post
    man shes coming together for sure!
    Hi moose,

    Very slowly tho.

    Ran the engine into Steyr for a run up and came back home without the engine. The Steyr gents are putting a boat together for the upcoming boat show and motor delivery from the manufacturer won't arrive in time so they asked if I would given them my engine and will replace once the next motor shipment arrives in July. With my progress and the amount I need to do I had no problem with it.

    Was happy to help out as they have been good to deal with and have looked after me. I was going to trial fit next but now I will head on to that dash area and get it out of the road.

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    Re: Re-power Cruisemaster 700 with diesel

    You seem to have a spelling issue Brett. There was no "H" in Boaht.....until now. Doing a top job mate. I'm surprised your missus hasn't stabbed you with the garden fork. Mine would have .
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