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    Yellowing Fibreglass

    Hi there

    I have a small fibreglass boat that is white in colour.

    It's getting some yellowing on the gel coat and I was wondering what everyone uses to restore / clean the gel coat?


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    Re: Yellowing Fibreglass

    Thereís a post here by blackened who is a Detailer as to how to fix it Iím sure he used septone products, but use the search bar to find it . Matt
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    Re: Yellowing Fibreglass

    Dad i could be wrong but i think guys are using a acid wash for brining the colour back its what i have read on facebook groups

    Using acid sounds really extreme but from what i have read it works

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    Re: Yellowing Fibreglass

    Probably Septone Drifter. It is an acid based product. It will stuff the galvanising on your trailer if it's left in contact to long. We use it for removing rust stain on the tugs. It will etch two pack if left too long at too high a concentration.

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    Re: Yellowing Fibreglass

    For me, I use 3M products. Google them and see what suits your needs. Once polished, I use 3M marine ultra performance paste wax. I only do the wax once to twice a year and the boat turns 10 years old next year and looks brand new. You can go on flea bay and buy the suitable pack for the condition of your tub.

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