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Thread: Monduran tips.

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    Monduran tips.

    Hi guys

    heading to Monduran next Saturday for a week. Never fished it before. Any suggestions on where and when to fish would be greatly appreciated. Any other tips most welcome also.

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    Re: Monduran tips.

    one of the best place for a family, even have cheap boat hire... the boat ramp here not soo pretty!!! very deep and well i hope your not driving a manual lol...
    the other boat ramp is more perfer but it in the far east entance so take your left before going into the monduran park

    i normally get my barras near the semi island when u come out of the valley and the side where it from into takilberan creek otherwise enjoy alot of catfish =(...

    barras.. morning 6-10am and afternoon 3-8pm only.. very hard mid day lol as much of a sport fish as they are they are the most laziest fish i know.. if you not near there hiding zone they dont bite or if your luring to fast they dont bother, lol.. never caught them beside lures

    redclaw are almost anywhere where rock forms so that pretty much all place, rockmelon seem to work the best

    silver i never get them no idea why, bass i normall get on frozen prawns or sink lures

    i recent joined kayaking group and i've gotten more bite on it then a boat.. all due to noise
    so enjoy your week

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