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Stop being nice. That thing was worse than useless.

My recollection was towing the heap of shit from just past the boards up the hill behind Eurong, all through the lakes circuit, all the way over to Kingfisher and all the way back over the Cornwalls Break road.

Ok, I'm exaggerating.....you didn't have to tow it while we were on the bitumen in Kingfisher.

In fact, in hindsight it was even more hopeless than the xtrail that I towed backwards all the way back to kingfisher.

Short version - no softroaders anywhere else other than the hard sand below the high tide mark and it will be bloody hard work getting on and off the beach.

Thinking back even harder, that bloody thing couldnt even get off the beach into camp. I remember Waz getting bogged in the driveway!
Yeah. Waz didn't have a great time.