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Thread: LOCAL Candidates position on RecreationalFfishing on our Fraser Coast !

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    LOCAL Candidates position on RecreationalFfishing on our Fraser Coast !

    Detailed responses from our LOCAL Candidates on recreational fishing on our Fraser Coast – If nothing changes - Nothing Changes .......


    Fraser Coast Fishing Alliance Inc - QLD Election 2015

    The Fraser Coast Fishing Alliance Inc. has collected responses from parties & Independents who responded to our election questionnaire. These were LNP, Labor, Greens, PUP, Family First, One Nation and Independents. Responses from our sitting MP's were unfortunately not received.

    The Fraser Coast Fishing Alliance Inc. does not seek to promote, endorse or otherwise any particular political party or ideology, nor are we beholden what-so-ever to any. However, we are happy to share and distribute their positions so as the recreational fishing sector can make an informed voting decision when it comes to recreational fishing and marine health issues on our Fraser Coast come Saturday the 31st of January 2015.

    We make no comment on issues outside of fishing and marine ecosystem health (clearly closely related subjects).There is a LOT of work to be done on water quality, harvest, science, management and community engagement/stewardship, and those wheels turn slowly, as do the political wheels, (alas). As voters, we may not be able to solve the world's problems today, but it is vital that we keep those wheels turning, and in the right direction, and reward those that take the lead with our vote.

    In a Nutshell

    We've made a quick summary of recent party directions and candidate positions below (M = Maryborough HB = Hervey Bay)

    LNP - Anne Maddern (M) & Ted Sorensen (HB)

    * Neither current sitting members Ted Sorensen or Anne Maddern answered the Fraser Coast Fishing Alliance election questionnaire. They do not appear to be listening to the recreational fishing sector of the Fraser Coast or have a plan to correct our Great Sandy Marine Park - The ONLY marine park in Australia which allows commercial netting in our YELLOW CONSERVATION ZONES!

    * 2012 election. Put up the promise to buy out 50% of east coast gill net capacity with a $9m industry buy back with "A FOCUS ON HIGH VALUE RECREATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL AREAS". This recently finalised with all money spent, resulting in 117 of the 397 issued gill net endorsements returned to the state (which is good) but leaving 81 to go by those numbers (note NT has 16 total as a comparison). No FOCUS ON HIGH VALUE RECREATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL AREAS was attempted making those parts of the promise broken.

    * As soon as elected LNP discarded two important plans that had been long in the making and had involved considerable community involvement and investment. They were 'The Qld Coastal Plan' and 'Stage Two of the East Coast Inshore Fin Fish Fishery Review'

    * Faced up to UNESCO with a 'Strategic Assessment' that was roundly condemned as inadequate, putting the World Heritage listing of the GBR in peril, still not resolved. It barely mentioned fishery related issues.

    * Commissioned an independent 'Fisheries Management Review'. This is welcomed (and long overdue), however the findings and recommendations are secret, nothing has been announced (or even leaked) so we have no idea of its direction.

    * Have gone into this election with policy announcement regarding Net Free Zones they call ROFA's "The LNP believes best management of our fisheries can be achieved in a portfolio that does NOT operate uniquely or separately". Sadly this tells us that LNP DO NOT support Net Free Areas close to community centres, going against community will and even against LNP's own coastal MP's.

    * Have done nothing to resolve the allegedly rorted PPV/RUF levy (approx $5m pa) that all private boat owners pay via rego to reform the fishery especially commercial over allocation and to establish Net Free Zones.

    ALP - Bruce Saunders (M) & Tony Gubbins (HB)

    * 2012 election. Put up the promise to allocate $12m to a gill net buy back.

    * 2015 election. A Labor Government will develop strategies to improve infrastructure for recreational fishers and also obtain the maximum value from the limited fishing resource.

    * 2015 election. Labor will seek to increase the economic value of the state’s fisheries resource by recognising that the total value of fish caught by recreational fishing tourists includes spending on local tourism-related businesses such as charter boats, caravan parks and bait and tackle suppliers. In recognition of this, a Labor Government will establish net-free zones and implement a plan for promoting charter fishing.

    * 2015. Labor have responded and announced Cairns, Mackay and Keppel will finally get proposed net free fishing areas!

    “Hi Scott,

    A vote for me is a vote for reasoned discussion and a balanced outcome. I will listen I will take the concerns of recreational fishers to the appropriate minister (whether LNP or ALP) and as the elected member my door will always be open to you and your members.

    Healthy fish stocks benefit everyone, recreational and commercial fishers. I will work to keep those stocks healthy with your help and advice. If that means NFAs then I will take your concerns to parliament. That, as I see it is the role of a local member , to be informed, visible and vocal on local issues. That is what I intend to do.

    Cheers Tony Gubbins”

    GREENS - Katherine Webb (M) Kristen Lyons (HB)

    * Pre 2015 election. Have not worked well with any fishing groups . Had ideological agendas and caused many rifts in the community.
    * 2015 Election. Issued statement supporting Gill Net Free Areas . Announced in its policy... The Queensland Greens support the requests for New Free Areas, and for making these areas off limits to gill net fishers.

    * Also announced Create Local Marine Fishing Councils that would participate in research and education activities that would provide input into the creation of in-shore fishing legislation.

    * Have taken a more sensible approach to fisheries matters aligning themselves to many of our philosophies. Their recreational fishing policy looks close to what we'd write. Hopefully we can work toward common goals.

    * Introduce a recreational fishing licensing regime similar to those used in other states of Australia. Related legislation will separate these funds from general revenue for the express purpose of LMFC managed project expenditure to revitalise the fish resource.

    PUP -Steve Anderson (M) & Lynette Pearsall (HB)

    "Palmer United Party Queensland Leader, John Bjelke-Petersen, says if elected at this weekend’s state poll his party will support the creation of recreational-only NET FREE fishing areas near major population centres in Queensland.

    Mr Bjelke-Petersen said the recreational fishing industry makes a substantial contribution to the state’s economy, particularly in the tourism sector.

    “We recognise the importance of the recreational fishing industry; its popularity within the community and the many economic benefits it generates,” Mr Bjelke-Petersen said.

    “Palmer United is committed to working closely with representatives of the recreational fishing industry, listening to their views and ensuring the sector has a future which is healthy and robust.

    “Outdoor activities such as this are the very cornerstones of Queensland life and we must do everything we can to support one of our most popular recreational pastimes, as well as maximising its economic potential.”

    One Nation Party - Damian Huxham (M)

    “My views are, we live in a tourist destination, our Great Sandy Straits Marine Park and immediate surrounds are without a doubt the best recreational fishing spots I've personally ever fished/lived. We need to protect our waters at all costs so we can capitalise on our tourism. I’m totally 100% against commercial netting in our pristine YELLOW CONSERVATION ZONES throughout our Great Sandy straits.

    If elected I'd be requesting a meeting with the FCFA and other stakeholders/interested parties as soon as conveniently possible to be proactive and nut out the best way to solve this problem. I do understand people make a living from commercial fishing however there is more at stake here."

    Family First - Axel Beard (HB)

    "I can confirm that if I am elected Member for Hervey Bay, I will review the Commercial Fishing Licences currently in use in the Hervey Bay region."

    Independent - Jannean E Dean - (HB)

    " We need our decision makers to truly realise the value of recreational fishing both socially and economically and “correct” our Great Sandy Marine Park by fairly compensating the commercial fishers to be removed and make our GSMP a NET FREE AREA!

    Recreational fishers have my support for the following reasons:

    1. Removing inshore commercial netting is critical to the value-chain of our local economy
    2. Restoring fish numbers in the inshore waters of the Fraser Coast for: Beach fishing - more of the family's 'bread & butter fish' of whiting, bream and flathead, Pier fishing - keeping kids off the streets with whiting, flathead, mackerel and bream, Estuary fishing - restoring iconic sports-fish such as barramundi and threadfin salmon, as well as grunter and jew.
    3. Rebuilding our local Reef, Rock and Offshore fish stocks for a diverse fishing experience
    4. Protecting - dugongs, turtles, dolphins and whales"

    Independent (M) Chris Foley

    "I have always supported recreational fishing both inside and outside of Parliament. I lead the charge in calling on the government to pay decent compensation to the commercial fishermen so that our sensitive Marine zone could become a haven for recreational fishermen. I am well aware of the add-on values of recreational fishing, and how much it is (worth to our region as I am a keen fisherman myself, and I know how much I spend.)"

    Finally, a quick summary to show parties/Independents that support NET FREE AREAS !

    LNP M & HB NO
    ALP M & HB YES
    PUP M & HB YES
    One Nation M YES
    Family First HB YES
    Independent HB Jannean E Dean YES
    Independent M Chris Foley YES

    Please distribute this information throughout your networks. Media, feel free to reproduce any/all of this document.

    Scott Mitchell

    Chairman Fraser Coast Fishing Alliance Inc .
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    So Many Fish - So little time !

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    Re: LOCAL Candidates position on RecreationalFfishing on our Fraser Coast !

    I had high hopes for the LNP when they came into power but they have done nothing worthwhile in terms of recreational fishing or fixing up these marine parks. They have been hopeless.

    Had a laugh at the comment about the Greens taking a more sensible approach. Greens and sensible in the same sentence? I can see that they would be all for banning netting. And once they got that banned further recreational bans would be next on their agenda.

    I would love to see commercial fishing stopped in the Great Sandy Strait. But can't see it happening. You need money to buy out licenses and the state doesn't have much of that.

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    Re: LOCAL Candidates position on RecreationalFfishing on our Fraser Coast !

    A FINAL summary to show which of our local parties/Independents support NET FREE AREAS on "OUR" Fraser Coast !

    PUP M & HB........................................ YES
    Independent HB Jannean E Dean....... YES
    Independent M Chris Foley.................. YES
    One Nation M....................................... YES
    Family First HB..................................... YES
    ALP M & HB.......................................... YES
    GREENS M & HB.................................. YES

    LNP M & HB............................................ NO

    Voting the same way - BUT expecting a different result...... insanity!

    Make your vote count - Scotto
    So Many Fish - So little time !

    I Proudly support the following companies: Shimano, G.Loomis, The Haines Group, Scientific Anglers, Abel Reels, Lowrance

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