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    Gudebrod out of business????

    Just realized I had run out of size C NCP Gudebrod in black, I think the most common colour most people would use.

    Anyway, went to a well known USA site to sus out an order, got the "out of business message" re gudebrod.

    Does anyone know if this is true?? I have used that brand for years

    Hey experts, I include Stu in that!!! what other thread brand out there has the same, IMO quality???

    I have sooo much Gudebrod Black in size A, without any exaggeration there would be many kilometers of it in my collection plus a good deal of size D in black, not to mention just about every colour made by that brand.

    Plan B, if anyone wants to sell some gudebrod C in black???

    I can make do with what I have if need be.

    Just finished building a rod for a friend of a friend, the parts he purchased for the blank were worth more than the blank IMO... & they were cheap parts, also just finished repairing my poofeenth rod for same friend (the friendship is wearing thin) more annoying is using up the last of the C size.

    Any advice greatly appreciated

    Cheers Roz


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    Re: Gudebrod out of business????

    Hi Roz,

    Gudebrod went out of business around 2 years ago. IMO there is only 1 true black thread on the market these days but its only made in sizes A and D ant that's bullards black coal thread.


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    Re: Gudebrod out of business????

    I only use A these days, just looks better (I reckon) but, I was told they went out of business a while ago, but never confirmed it.

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    Re: Gudebrod out of business????

    I dug a little deeper and did find that they possibly went under around 2012, I didn't realize as all the stockist I ever purchased thread from, that being here and overseas, they obviously held a good amount of stock.

    When our dollar was at or above parity with the US$, even factoring in postage costs, purchasing from USA saved me around 50%+ and not just thread but fixtures such as ALPS guides reel seats etc etc must add I do support local retail here, we must do that.

    getting off the subject, I like to use size C for guide binding, I use A for wraps and other pretty stuff as well as attaching guides at times.

    Anyway give you one tiny example on costs without naming names, I purchased two large spools of black gudebrod in A & D for around $15 $20AU, can't remember exactly, it, the large spool was was sold by weight, 4 OZ (poor Americans can't go metric) a 950 yard spool here costs around the same amount which weighs less than an 1oz, you do the maths.

    Anyone know another good brand??



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    Re: Gudebrod out of business????

    Yeh Predo Didn't Silvia close up Bullards....?...and not sure if anyone has taken it on...?
    On the last of my Bullards Black as well

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    Re: Gudebrod out of business????

    willo, voodoo rods have taken over bullards.
    their on face book
    not sure if the site is up and running yet


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    Re: Gudebrod out of business????

    That's correct, Casey from voodoo rods in the states now owns Bullards and yes the site is up and running and you can buy all of the stuff that Silvia had through them.


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    Re: Gudebrod out of business????

    Gudebrod going out of business was not just a tragedy for rod builders but fly fishers as well. Their hollow core braided mono is the go to material for making loops to attach to backing or flylines and its getting harder and harder to find.

    I heard something about a factory fire at Gudebrod also (not sure how true) which destroyed their machines.

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