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    Lake Borumba closed because of Blue green Algae

    I just received this email from SEQWater

    Dear Stakeholder

    As a precautionary measure and in the interest of public safety, Lake Borumba will be temporarily closed to ALL water-based recreation activities from 6pm Thursday 15th January 2015 due to the presence of blue-green algae. All water based recreation activities include swimming and waterskiing as well as boating, kayaking, canoeing and sailing.

    For further information please see the Seqwater blue-green algae fact sheet.

    We will continue to perform water quality testing at Lake Borumba, and will communicate with stakeholders when we have further results. We are unsure of the duration of this temporary closure. The lake will be re-opened to water-based recreation activities when test results indicate that it is appropriate to do so.

    If you have any queries, please contact us.


    Lyn Brough Recreation Officer

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    Re: Lake Borumba closed because of Blue green Algae

    Hey Mike,

    How long does it normally take for it to disperse?

    When you get the ok for it can you post it...


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    Re: Lake Borumba closed because of Blue green Algae

    The same thing happened around this same time last year, unfortuniatly it lasted almost 2 months if I remember correctly. A good inflow should fix the problem.

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