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    Best Techniques/ spots for catching fish in the Hinze

    Hi guys,

    I've never fished in the lakes before but I'm giving it a crack on the kayak on Saturday at Hinze dam.

    I'm going to be using hard bodies and one spinner bait that I bought unless I stop past a shop and snag some fresh water berkleys or squidgies etc.

    I was just wondering if there is any other techniques that you recommend trying that are different to how I'd fish pastics or hard bodies in salt water chasing flatties or bream or whatever.

    I have read heard that Bass feed towards the surface in the morning when its cool and dive deeper into the weed as the temps rise during the day but other than that I really don't have much of a clue with regards to techniques or how to target Bass or other species.

    Also, is there any spots that you recommend for giving me a better chance to hook on?

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    Re: Best Techniques/ spots for catching fish in the Hinze

    Thinking about a trip to Hinze myself how did you go on this trip in Nov?

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    Re: Best Techniques/ spots for catching fish in the Hinze

    You will pick up a few trolling the points but the sure fire method is live shrimp in around 20 feet of water in amongst the dead trees on either arm, Barred grunter are a pest stealing your bait and we usually move once they move in.
    Plenty of shrimp around the edges of the dam no more than 2 feet deep just leave them in a couple of days. I tie mine to trees as they are less obvious than attached to floats.( Be aware regs are changing re this)
    Just a matter to trying a spot and if no fish within 10 minutes just move on.
    There is one spot on the eastern arm. Large tree by itself near where the cattle dip used to be. You will see a large stoned area on the bank where it was capped and sealed.
    On the western arm head up past ians island and there are some trees that go out towards the middle and there are usually fish close in to the trees.
    Other spots are the submerged gullies just head upstream and you will see small bays beside the old access track. These bays usually have a deeper channel only 20 to 30 feet wide and currently drop off from 10feet to 20 feet deep and the fish sit on the edge,

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