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    vancouver island canada

    A recent trip to Canada fishing out of Sooke 4. Deep trolling Salmon--- Chinook and coho.
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    Re: vancouver island canada

    nice springs, did you get to Tofino?
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    Re: vancouver island canada

    Hi hungry, No I only had time for a quick visit down to Sooke but it was one of the best fishing trips I've ever had. I virtually had the whole boat to myself and the skipper Cal took me out for eight hours at no extra charge and I only paid for four hours.

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    Re: vancouver island canada

    Sound like you had a good trip. I was over there for the sockeye this year, haha talking about a meat fishery, but it was good to see healthy stock level and resurging of some species from oblivion.
    I haven't gone out with Cal, but will definitely look him up next year, I will time it abit better for halibut this time, LOL.
    Those areas are just God country for fishing, totally amazing in scenery and wildlife.
    Humility is not a weather condition.

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    Re: vancouver island canada

    I really enjoyed that trip and it was a real eyeopener trolling down to 110ft. I wrote a little story about the outing in the saltwater fishing section, it is in the back pages under Salmon, Sealions and Seals.

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