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    Somerset fishing help for first time

    Hi I'm heading up to Somerset in a few weeks time - staying at the caravan park and will have my 12" tinny with me. I'd love to catch a bass or yellow belly but I have never been there before. Some people mention the kirkleigh boat ramp but as far as I can work out, there are a couple? I've also read about queen st? I really would appreciated a bit of a heads up.. A few hints on some locations to try, bait or plastics or lures? Thanks

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    Re: Somerset fishing help for first time

    Do a search of the fresh water forum plenty of info on fishing and yabbying on Somerset, have you read this I put this up only last week after a recent trip to the dam, I canít help with the fishing side as I donít do much whilst there I mainly go for the yabbies.

    There is a good map in this thread! that may help explain where things are a little better.
    Cheers Axl

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    Re: Somerset fishing help for first time

    Thanks axl I had done a search and also read your post - was hoping for a bit more info - it's all very general. I'm after some more specific info - I don't even know what sort of rig I should use - line weight etc .... I tried to see the Map but I cant view it for some reason - I'm using tap talk so I'll try on a computer

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    Re: Somerset fishing help for first time

    Just looked at the map. That is awesome!

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