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    Looking for a freshwater stream rod for trout.


    Looking for some advice on purchasing a rod for trout and redfin.

    Would like to travel south and try fishing in freshwater streams.
    I have a 2.1 meter older Jarvis Walker 'San Remo' would this be
    suitable,would have liked to purchased a Len Butterworth 'Trout Spin'
    rod,but missed out due to time difference.

    The 'trout spin' rod appeared to be around 2 m long had a fine taper.
    Would like something like this,if I cannot source one.What would be
    some other suggestions?


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    Re: Looking for a freshwater stream rod for trout.

    What's your price range?
    If you're after something simple and not too expensive I have a Shimano Catana 7 foot light spin (2 pce). It's a light trout/whiting/bream spin rod. You can have it for $40 if you want to pick it up from Nth Brisbane.

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