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    2014 Gar Fishing Highlights

    2014 highlights for me for gar. WARNING GAR HEAVY POST

    this was my first trinity trip this year, landed one little guy on cut carp and lost a few nice ones, lost a really big one to a tree that
    trip, this is near palastine TX

    one of the cretaceous period survivors shaking my hook

    the bait

    second gar trip near midway Tx, caught a nice gar just under 100 pounds from the kayak, this was a freaky fight with the fish jumping next to the kayak

    third trip ended sadly with the wrong bait used(gizzard shad) only managed this little guy near Midway Tx, sunk to my crotch getting out of the yak at that spot

    forth trip, allsye got to go. managed one little gar out of 10 runs

    "Not All Who Wander Are Lost"

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    Re: 2014 Gar Fishing Highlights

    fifth trip near Midway Tx, allyse was the fish fighter this trip she managed 3 gar all over 40 pound biggest one may have been 55 or 60

    biggest gar of the day

    second biggest one

    smallest one, still fought hard though

    most recent trip, went with allyse again, managed oen little gar again near Midway Tx from the bank

    rain chased us out

    got yall all caught up, need to go get some more carp and make another trip, hoping to try it out of the tandem kayak and see if my buddy and i can get a big one from the yak

    simple video showing how to target trinity gar
    "Not All Who Wander Are Lost"

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