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    Somerset dam help!

    Hi all, planning a trip to Somerset Dam on Saturday. Usually I'm a saltwater fisho in Moreton Bay, but my brother in law is a bass man from when he lived in South Africa so thought we would try our luck on the natives.

    any advice at all, lures, spots to fish etc. will be taking my 5.25 fibreglass boat, not ideal but all we have. Got a Lowrance touch screen with structure scan though so hopefully can fin a few marks that don't need too much manoeuvring to get at.

    all help welcome.

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    Re: Somerset dam help!

    Look for schooling fish out in the open bays about 30 ft of water. Show up as nice big arches on your sounder. Use soft plastics like 70 mm squidgy fish or sliders on a 1/2 oz jig head. Cast out as far as you can and sink to the bottom. Retrieve at a slow pace. Half way in I like to free spool back to the bottom. Schools have been straight out from the kirkleigh ramp heading towards the sticks.

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    Re: Somerset dam help!



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    Re: Somerset dam help!

    Thanks guys, great advice I'll post a a pic if we get lucky.

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