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    Mondy in September ?

    Hey all, just wondering if it's worth going to Monduran in September, I want to take the wife and son somewhere for a camp and fish and they are keen to go to Mondy with me but I think it may be to cold still.
    cheers TT
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    Re: Mondy in September ?

    September and April are the two best months to fish Monduran IMHO...

    Had many great trips (and barra) during these months in recent years

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    Re: Mondy in September ?

    Speak with Rob from the Lake Monduran Caravan Park and he'll give you good advice on what's happening lately. We got lucky and managed a 94cm there with him last Friday afternoon, but nothing else for the next two days, not even a hit. He said the fishing there lately has been really tough, and not many reports of a Barra at all. He also does guided fishing trips at really good prices.

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