Caught my latest Murray Cod in a western stream last weekend.

100 mm. long and had a terrible problem filleting the little fellow.

Couldn't find a knife small enough.

The only alternative was to cook him whole.

Got him in a shrimp pot with a 19 mm. entry hole, read coke bottle top, baited with dog nuts.

So for all you budding Cod hunters try Meatie Bites in an onion bag.

Works for me.

Yes I let it go after I had called out to my Manager in the caravan that I had a good Cod, I had it in a sausepan with some river water.

Smallest M.C. I have ever seen. I suspect that he may have been bred wild.

Yes my manager was a little dissapointed considering I had been pelting lures about for some time.

Good trip but very cold

Have fun Haji-Baba.