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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    Quote Originally Posted by ozscott View Post
    Good for vans... Not so sure about salt water... Cheers

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    Apparently the UK trailer boaters mostly use electric drums, something to do with laws requiring hand brakes. When you read their forum stories, besides the obvious chronic corrosion issues, they try to launch without getting the hubs into water or have the boat lifted off the trailer with a crane and slings?!

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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    Hi all.
    Been a while since my last update.
    My Mercury mechanic mate decided he needed a full foolscap page of parts to refurbish the twin 200hp 2.5 Mercs, so it took a while to amass the parts.
    He has since pulled everything apart, I've two packed all the black bits, and they're almost back together again now.

    Dec 2016 054.jpg Dec 2016 057.jpg

    Took a while to finalise the hydraulic steering and tie bar, but I'm happy with the results.

    Tried to fit the controllers and all the gauges to the dash, but it was never going to look factory, so I built a mould for a better more practical dash, stripped out the old version and laid up and fitted a new dash:

    013 (2).jpg 009.jpg 007 (2).jpg 011 (3).jpg 029.jpg

    Pretty happy with the results. Plenty of room for gauges and GPS & Fish finder screens, switches,fuse panel etc.

    While I had the spray gun out, I modified the rear deck, which was holding dirt and grime. Literally ground out a place for water to flow out from, on both sides. The photos were taken before top coat was sprayed on.

    035 (2).jpg 036 (2).jpg

    I fitted the electric trim tabs, after a bit of modification. They didn't hold their shape as well as I'd like, so we strengthened them and set up a teak block on each tab to set the ram at the correct angle, given that the hull has such a deep V, the semi pod encroached where the ram needed to be. It now does the job properly without binding up.

    We welded studs to the tabs so no bolt heads protruded. Mainly because it wasn't that hard and because we had to fill a couple of holes which were no longer being used.

    Apr.17 021.jpg

    Another little project was to remove the cockpit floors and get rid of the outboard S/S fuel tanks and the Alloy centre tank.
    I never liked the idea of 3 tanks, so I think I'll go for a 400litre plastic centre tank, and keep the outboard voids for live bait and/or kill tanks, or storage or flotation or something...

    Also, I really disliked the fact that it only carried 80 litres of fresh water, so I fitted a 120litre Vetus rubber (?) triangular bow-tank.
    I fitted it all in, but the 120 litre Vetus will only let out 90 litres. Admittedly, that was gravity feed and not being drawn out bu a pump.
    I may just bite the bullet and glass in the fore-peak and form a larger built in tank. I think I can get over 150 litres which will give plenty of weight forward to compensate for the twin outboards and will give plenty of water for showering...

    Just spent the last few days working on the interior paint prep. It's a horrid job and I have been putting it off for so long, as my poor old bod doesn't like all the odd angles and tight spaces.
    This is the 3rd highbuild that I've rubbed back. and it's now coming right. Just takes a long time to rub it back properly.
    And then there's the problem with painting it. The cabin itself will be easy enough, but the bathroom presents difficulties because it's very tight and I'm kinda ... large...

    Hopefully, more soon.

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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    just wanted to thank Giddyup58 in the forum and glad to have the opportunity with this update ...he answered a couple of questions from me at length and was very helpful.....I am very grateful to find such expertise is so openly shared.Thank you.

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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    Quote Originally Posted by inveratta View Post
    just wanted to thank Giddyup58 in the forum and glad to have the opportunity with this update ...he answered a couple of questions from me at length and was very helpful.....I am very grateful to find such expertise is so openly shared.Thank you.
    Thank-you for your kind words.

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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    Electric drum brakes are a decent option for boat trailers. Often they are configured with short lengths of hose per drum (anchored to the mudguard) and a standard garden type male fitting so a hose can be connected to flush water through them. Be it discs or drums, salt water is savage regardless. An electric drum setup will usually cost less than an electric over hydraulic setup (talking 2 ton plus setups). I have operated both setups.

    To the OP, fabulous resto mate! Been there and done that repeatedly and I know how it feels! From my perspective, especially when your customer puts in a magazine! Twice!

    An excellent labour of love dude! Well done.

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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    Hi all.
    Bit of an update.
    Stopped groaning and being a big sook, and finally got serious about painting the interior.

    Here's the interior finally sanded. In a perfect world I would have hit it one last time with a coat of high-build, but I honestly couldn't face sanding it for a 4th time,
    so I went wet on wet - highbuild where needed, immediately followed by top coat before it cured.

    April 2017 001.jpg

    Painted out the bathroom first:

    April 2017 005.jpg April 2017 006.jpg

    Next, glossed the cabin:
    April 2017 022.jpg April 2017 023.jpg

    Then, non-skid to cabin floor:
    April 2017 024.jpg

    And now I'm going down to non-skid the bathroom floor, so, but for parts, (electrics/dash access panel, bathroom door, ceiling infill, anchor locker door, water tank cover etc), that's the painting done.

    Next, I'll fit the side windows (frameless acrylic, double sided taped to cabin), and have a new screen fitted, which will go a long way to weather sealing the cabin. Fitting the cabin door as well would help.
    Then, probably fit gunwale rubber and get the boys at Sea-Dog to modify, polish and help fit the stainless.

    Which only leaves... everything else!

    Still agonising over outboard(s) and fuel tank size.
    I'm not totally happy with the twin 1993 200hp Merc 2.5's that we've refurbished, as I think they will go through unacceptably huge amounts of fuel, compared to a modern 4 stroke.

    My original idea was for a single 300hp Suzuki, so we will see what transpires in the next few weeks.
    Lots of fit-out to go on with prior to motors becoming critical.

    But, the end is getting closer...

    And BM, I'll definitely have a better play with those electric drum brakes.
    I really don't want to add $2750 to convert to discs.

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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    The rebuild is looking smick mate! sorry if I missed it in previous posts but what sort of non slip paint are you using on the floor/walk areas

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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    [QUOTE=Dirtyfuzz;1630836]The rebuild is looking smick mate! sorry if I missed it in previous posts but what sort of non slip paint are you using on the floor/walk areas

    The paint is Concept 2pac 600, which is what I used for the rest of the boat, just tinted a lightish gray.
    Method is to mask out the area you want in non-skid, light sand with 240 grit or so, wipe over with prepwash, then a heavy coat of the desired colour at low pressure (so you don't blow over-spray over the whole boat).
    I then added AwlGrip paints "Griptex" to the wet paint, (punch a few holes in the top of the can and use it like a salt shaker), then let it all tack off a bit before applying another heavy coat. Always works out nicely.
    If you don't have spray gear, it can be done with a paint roller. Just don't be tempted to add the glass beads to the paint - shake them on as I said, then roll on a thick coat. Your roller sleeve will be a throw away.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    Awesome thank you very much

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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    So, got all of the non skid finished.

    Couple of pix:

    Bathroom masked out:
    :nonskid 002.jpg

    All done and de-masked:
    nonskid 003.jpg nonskid 005.jpg nonskid 004.jpg

    Now, time to get the old girl closed up and get stuck into the interior fit out. Lots of timber work to do, which is always very satisfying. Pity that teak is so expensive.

    I have the cushions that came with the boat and from memory, they were in pretty good condition.

    Other things will be:
    fitting the electric loo;
    plumbing in the sink & shower;
    plumbing in the HWS. (I have a 12v system for it, but more on that later);
    Insulating and lining the ceiling.

    Plenty to play with for a while.

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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    Hi all.

    Been very busy with the ol' girl for the last week.

    Plenty of time spent painting parts:
    Attachment 115613

    Then, a big 4 stroke outboard came up locally for the right money and I couldn't say no.

    Had to repair the transom holes previously drilled for the 2 x 200hp 2 stroke Mercurys:
    28.4.17 002.jpg 28.4.17 001.jpg 28.4.17 006.jpg

    Then, fitted the 300 Suzuki.
    I built the new pod transom to suit twin 25" legs, and as it happened, the height at the centre was exactly 30", which was a match for the XXL Suzi.
    You will note that it is raised to the 3rd hole, which is 1 1/2" up. This should be the right height, as the 300mm (12") pod needs the engine to be raised 1", and the cup on modern props should easily cope with the extra 1/2".

    28.4.17 007.jpg 28.4.17 010.jpg

    So, I'm pretty happy with where it sits.

    Bit disappointed that I've lost 100hp,but really pleased that the 300 will be significantly more economical than the mercs' and at the end of the day, probably not that much slower.
    Given that it should be relatively cheap to run and still have a good turn of speed, it should get used a lot more than the 2 stroke set-up, so it's all good and finally stops me agonising about my previous choice.

    Fitted the motor yesterday, and spent the day today going over all the paint defects and I started rubbing the whole boat down with 3000 wet&dry and re-cutting and polishing.
    I got the entire cockpit and dash done and stb'd half of the hull and decks. Should get the rest done tomorrow, as I really want to get the perspex side windows in to weatherproof the cabin. Haven't been able to do it until now, as I needed to keep the window holes uncovered so I could spray the interior and have a bit of ventilation.
    28.4.17 017.jpg

    Next, gunnel rubber, a new flybridge screen and then on with the fit out.
    Naturally, it will be new fuel system, batteries and engine wiring and steering first. Champing at the bit to take it for a run!

    All I have to do now is sell off a pair of counter-rotating fully refurbished 200's and a garage full of spares!

    Any takers?
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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    the lighter weight with only 1 motor will another bonus!

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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    Quote Originally Posted by ericcs View Post
    the lighter weight with only 1 motor will another bonus!
    Roger that!

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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    After fitting up the motor, I set up the hydraulic steering and routed all the engine wires and fuel hose.
    It has all turned out quite neatly.


    Fitted the dashboard out:


    Obviously, there's still more to go on, but everything that came with the motor is now mounted.

    Fired it up and what is really remarkable is how quiet it is and how easily it started...

    I then got rid of the 3 under-floor tanks with a total of 400 odd litres, to be replaced by a single 300 litre unit under the centre cockpit floor section.
    That tank should get under way in the next week or so.
    Biggish job pulling up the floors which had been epoxied down, making good any collateral damage and refitting the outer floors, but I was never happy the way I had set it up.

    Now the outer two compartments can be used for live bait or kill tanks, so I'll get the boat on the water and see what's needed..


    Attended to a few paint defects and than finally got the gunwale rubbers on:.


    Hooked it up and took it to have the windscreen and cabin side windows fitted.

    IMG_0974.jpg IMG_0975.jpg

    While getting that done, I pulled out all of the teak parts that came with the boat so they could get some attention.

    Here's an example of the condition of the parts.
    I think it's going to take a little bit longer to fix them than I had originally thought...


    But, getting closer every day...
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    Re: Mustang 24 rebuild

    I love the look of this boat. You're doing an amazing job!

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