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    Dead fish in Condamine

    I was in Warwick on Thursday and went for a stroll along the Condamine and saw a couple dozen dead fish floating amongst the plants. I didn't know what they were so thought I'd see if anyone can identify them. I checked a list of fresh water fish in Queensland and there was nothing in the list that went close to looking like them.

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    Re: Dead fish in Condamine

    I am sending this from my phone and can't see how to post a photo. The fish had a very forked tail and we're a light silvery color all over including fins.

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    Re: Dead fish in Condamine


    I am on my computer and was able to upload a photo. Hope someone can identify the fish for me. I am also concerned as to why there were so many dead fish. Can't blame turbidity since it is some time since we had enough rain to make the river dirty which makes me wonder if it caused by chemicals, but why only one type of fish? Doesn't make sense.


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    Re: Dead fish in Condamine

    Bony bream by the looks of it and might be low oxygen in the water that killed them.

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    Re: Dead fish in Condamine

    I don't suppose the changing river conditions contributed? it's been kind of cold out there lately...

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    Re: Dead fish in Condamine

    Bony Bream, they die by the thousands if we get a very cold snap accompanied by a high wind. My thoughts are that as they generally live in the top few feet of the water the temperature drops rapidly and that is what seems to kill them.

    I have seen this before in big dams and the crows just gave up eating them after a few days.

    Often the water levels will be down and temperatures will vary rapidly.

    Have fun Haji-Baba

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