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    Tassie Trout advice please

    Am planning to stay at longford mid september and try bank fishing in the Macquarie river around Woolmers Bridge. Will be using a light travel rod and eggbeater. Fresh water is totally alien to me as my usual haunt is in the tinnie in the estuary and a whippy 9' rod with an Alvey sidecast. I plan to try some shallow 50mm lures (also alien to me, I like bait and have never had any luck when I tried lures) in the hope of a hook-up with a couple of nice trout. Any basic guidance on technique or lure presentation would be appreciated. Thanks in advance....Pete

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    Re: Tassie Trout advice please

    Hi Pete, I was down that way last year, tried lures, soft plastics and fly didn't catch any thing. Have been watching "on the fly" on fox and getting some good insight into this style of fishing the fresh. you need to watch the water and see any fish action before casting to them and also to match the hatch. the locals are also very friendly and will give plenty of advice. I ended up catching my fish on worms and powerbait. A lot easier to cast out and leave the rod and keep the hands warm in my pocket ha ha. try the Sport Fish Tasmania site plenty of info there. search my post tassie travels on this site. I will be going back in august for 2 weeks and trying a few new ideas. Cheers Peter

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    Re: Tassie Trout advice please

    Thanks for the hints Peter, Am watching every fly fishing show I can and am picking up on what you say. Powerbait and worms might be the way I go and I will seek out some locals when I get there for a few hints. I can almost taste the fresh cooked trout, looking forward to this adventure.

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    Re: Tassie Trout advice please

    Quote Originally Posted by MBay Pete View Post
    Thanks for the hints Peter, Am watching every fly fishing show I can and am picking up on what you say. Powerbait and worms might be the way I go and I will seek out some locals when I get there for a few hints. I can almost taste the fresh cooked trout, looking forward to this adventure.
    G'day Pete. Good luck with the new venture of trouting. My advice would be, after looking at the area on google maps, to spin the river, anywhere from around where you're staying, downstream to the junction with the South Esk river.
    Try hardbodies - the same as you'd use for bream, on the same tackle - worked around any obvious snags, rocks and eddies. Here in Vic, I use rapalas, atomics, celtas and vibrax lures, with a host of other lures I normally use for bream spinning as well. Trout are not shy of soft plastics on light jigheads, either!
    Trout will mostly always face upstream, awaiting food to be washed down to them - so if you are walking downstream, they'll see you before you see them - so head upstream. Make sure you approach the section you want to fish stealthily, and wear subdued clothing.
    As with most estuary fishing, early morning and evenings are prime time, and spinning with the flow is always more productive, just a little faster than any current.
    Again. like most estuary fish, trout will shy away from too much current, as it costs them more in effort to hold in faster water.
    As Peter indicated earlier, worms and powerbait are great standbys, but there's nothing like luring for trout!
    Having said that, there's also a lot of fun in drifting a bunch of worms down the stream. Try using 6-8lb fluoro line to see the pauses and takes, (braid's even better), attached to a leader of 6lb FC, with a big scrubbie or bunch of wrigglers on a No 4 bronze baitholder, with a split shot or two about 50cm up the line for casting weight. Strike on every pause!
    As for videos, try to stay away from flyfishing vids - they are not as beneficial as some of the trout spinning vids - of which there are plenty on YouTube.
    Good luck!

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    Re: Tassie Trout advice please

    MBay Pete Hi! The best advice I was given ten years ago, Use worms.

    Just about every rock or log will host a few good worms, under straw where cattle were fed and even old fire places where rocks were formed up produced plenty of worms.

    I caught my best trout on a "Tassie Devil Lure", what a beautiful fish.

    It was a great trip and we had lots of trout.

    Bone up on the regs. a bit different to here in Qld.

    Have Fun Haji-Baba

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    Re: Tassie Trout advice please

    They're passionate about their trout fishing in Tassie. Find a tackle shop and they'll be only too happy to point you in the right direction. Tassie Devils have always been successful. If you get the chance, visit the Salmon Ponds in Plenty. Your fishing license will get you a discount on admission.

    I fish because the little voices in my head tell me to

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    Re: Tassie Trout advice please

    I've just returned from Tassie. Pity it wasn't trout season but still a few lakes that offer all round legal fishing.
    The Macquarie fishes ok but is hit pretty hard. River fishing you will need lighter or smaller lures. The smaller size cobras will work but I'd prefer the half size ashley spinner in green and gold with the red dots down the side. A number 2 celta with black would probably be number two.
    My tip is to drive a bit further up the road towards cressy and fish the smaller rivers. Trout will be smaller but probably more prolific.
    If you can get to the highland lakes - do it.
    You'll need a any 6 foot 2kg rod with a threadline reel and 4-6lb braid. 6-8lb leader. If using a spinner you will need an antikink 50cm up from the lure.

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    Re: Tassie Trout advice please

    Thanks to all for the advice, I will be having a try at the trout wherever I can on the trip. The beaches will be tried also. Will be talking to locals where possible for a bit of advice, hopefully will have a good report when I get back.

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    Re: Tassie Trout advice please

    Hi pete, well i am down here in tassie staying in deloraine, have done the tourist stuff and can now go fishing, went for a fish to four springs dam yesterday and today. Yesterday was too calm and not a touch, according to the locals a bit of wind is needed on the lake to stir up the trout. Well today was a bit breezy and colder apparently this is better to bring the fish on the bite. So I got down to the lake at the gentlemanly hour of 10am put out 1 rod with worm bait and left it. tried fly fishing for a while with no result put the fly rod away then tried using the second rod with a few various lures and soft plastics no result re rigged and put worm on this rod as well. ended up getting 1 rainbow 38cm and 1 brown 40cm on worm baits. Dinner of champions tonight yumo.

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    Re: Tassie Trout advice please

    In the past I fly only fished Cradle Mountain lakes, beautiful part of the country.
    Check under the rocks for the bug life to match your fly.
    Otherwise usual dry fly indicator with brown/green nymph down the bottom for search pattern.
    Spot the fish first before casting.
    Calm weather is good for scenery but no good for fishing.

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    Re: Tassie Trout advice please

    Had a go at trout fishing, got some local advice and followed it. Not even a touch, perhaps inexperience but I had a go anyway. Back to my usual spots in the salt water when I got back from the Tassie trip. Good feed of Bream and Whiting in 3 hours. I will stick to the bay and estuaries that work for me. Thanks to all who gave advice.

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