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    stuffed squid tubes

    This one requires a little bit of prep but is really nice either served cold or hot.

    You will need: Piping bag and a food processor.

    In the food processor place about 300gs of diced white fish and 200gs of diced green prawns. Add tsp of salt. Cut the crusts off 4 slices of white bread and soak them in 300ml of runny cream. turn on the food processor for 1 min and then add the bread one bit at a time till all gone then add an egg. scrape mix out into a bowl and then add some fine diced red capsicum (for colour) some chopped parsley and some cracked black pepper.
    Turn the oven on to 180.
    get your squid tubes and fill them with the mix and close the end with a tooth pick, put them on a tray covered with baking paper and bake them for about 10/15mins. when you take them out let them cool for a little while and slice them like you would cut rings.. serve with a bit of salad and a nice aoli or similar.
    well worth the effort

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    Re: stuffed squid tubes

    yes thanks turned out lovey

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    Re: stuffed squid tubes

    nice one megabite glad someone tried it, they taste pretty good and most times your guests wont know how the hell you made the stuffing.

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