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    WH - Jeep Owners - 2005 -2010 - Factory Recall

    Firstly, can you keep the she / he bought a jeep stuff to yourself.

    This is a potentially dangerous issue, all owners should be testing low range regularly.

    The Chrysler recall for the N23 software update to address a transmission related issue, has introduced a further fault that can lock the vehicle out of low range. If you have not had the update to your car, then I suggest you weigh up the decision whether to get it done or not.

    In short When you select low range, you can get a "service 4wd error message" and low range is no longer available.

    This could be a potentially life threatening hazard If you are stuck with your boat on a slippery boat ramp, trying to get your in or out of the water.

    A vast quantity of information can be found on these two sites and is worth a read, Chrysler had denied that the update has caused the issue however it has been proven by owners that the issue is directly related to the update.

    and here

    Last year, Chrysler issued Safety Recall N23, covering roughly 469,000 2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokees and 2006-2010 Jeep Commanders. These SUVs are equipped with the NVG 245 transfer case, and their transfer-case actuator modules contain a circuit board that may develop cracks. When the circuits go bad, they can cause the vehicles to shift into neutral unexpectedly, creating the potential for rollaways.
    Rather than replacing the circuit boards, Chrysler engineers devised a workaround: a software update that reprogrammed the final driver controller, installed for free at dealerships. It seemed to work, at least initially.
    Except -- according to some Jeep owners -- the fix trigged its own set of problems. After receiving the software update, owners saw “4WD system error” messages and reported the loss of low-range 4WD functionality. To paraphrase one Grand Cherokee owner, “Trail Rated” had become “mall rated.” Repeat trips to dealerships for service fixed nothing. Aftermarket software seemed to solve the 4WD errors, at least temporarily, but it reintroduced the risk of neutral rollaways.
    The timing of the problems seemed to suggest a connection to the recall. Some owners posited that the reflash tightened the tolerances of certain electrical signals read by the final drive control computer (you can read about how this system works in a technical paper available here), solving the neutral-shifting problem but nuking low-range 4WD.

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    Re: WH - Jeep Owners - 2005 -2010 - Factory Recall

    I don't know about life threatening unless it's the wife's car. Certainly bloody inconvenient and potentially expensive. Might be a good way to get a shiny new one.

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    Re: WH - Jeep Owners - 2005 -2010 - Factory Recall

    The big problem is people could put themselves in danger by not being aware of the issue;

    imagine a grey nomad crossing the Simpson desert, needs low range, Stuck..

    Or your trying to get your boat out of the water in heavy swell, and you need low range you could be potentially be in a fair bit of trouble, putting you or your crew in danger.

    Just a couple of examples, that come to mind.


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    Re: WH - Jeep Owners - 2005 -2010 - Factory Recall

    Certainly agree it could present a real problem if running solo in a remote area.

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    Re: WH - Jeep Owners - 2005 -2010 - Factory Recall

    They also have a nasty habit of catching fire. Friend of mine had to scramble to get the kids out of the car before it killed them. She stopped, turned the car off, heard a pop and then flames leaping out from under the bonnet.
    Remember to always log on before heading offshore.

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    Re: WH - Jeep Owners - 2005 -2010 - Factory Recall


    Wrong model. that is the Cherokee, smaller brother.. can be fixed simply with a Transmission dipstick lock.


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    Re: WH - Jeep Owners - 2005 -2010 - Factory Recall

    Oh my god you bought JEEP!!!

    Bahahahaha sucker lol

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