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    Tilapia in Mackay

    Just reading this in the Mackay paper,

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    Re: Tilapia in Mackay

    That is a real shame as those fish overrun waterways in record time - we went out to Somerset Dam (north of Brisbane) earlier in the year and from one spot we nailed 78 of them in just under 3 hours. Not allowed to keep them so they were all killed with a club over the head and left on one of the isolated islands to rot.

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    Re: Tilapia in Mackay

    There is a designated bin near the ramp where you can put the Tilapia. Which part of the dam did you catch so many?

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    Re: Tilapia in Mackay

    Under the power lines, head left from the ramp at the camp ground - nothing on the islands to worry about the fish rotting and I didn't see a bin anywhere near the ramp we used.

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    Re: Tilapia in Mackay

    I remember catching a tilly just south of Mackay near on 20 years ago......I can't see why they are shocked.

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    Re: Tilapia in Mackay

    Bit of a surprise seeing it in the 'Mercury'. Would have thought the Goose Ponds barra would've eaten them...

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