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    16 ounce sinkers

    Hi all i built a calstar 655B 5"6" for someone and use 12oz sinkers but he wants another rod built for 16oz, hes has used 16oz sinkers on it but has said it doesnt work that good with that weight,i was woundering how the 655HB 30to80lb blank would handle the 16oz sinkers,has anyone got any thoughts on this????????????????.

    He only likes short rods and would really like him to go a 6' 30to80lb would the exta length help with these heavy leads????.

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    Re: 16 ounce sinkers

    What exactly does "doesn't work that good" mean?
    I presume it's lost sensitivity as the tip can't support the extra weight, but it would help if there was a clearer explanation.
    Being a Tuna rod, it's not going to be designed for sensitivity.
    If he's hot for E Glass then the BT655H may help in that regard.
    What's the target species and style?
    You might get better results overall with a GF755H for that weight or a maybe a stand-up blank like a Batson RCTB56H.

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    Re: 16 ounce sinkers

    Thansk for the reply Owen, the guy just told me that the 655B handles 12oz leads ok but the 16oz not so good, he fishes for what ever he can catch in the deep water bottom bashing, i would love to build him something in a graphgite Eglass composite it would take that spungy feeling out of Eglass and support more weight with a better feel,its hard when you havent built too many heavy blanks to load them up to get the feel of the blank.

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    Re: 16 ounce sinkers

    A lot of rod for bottom bashing. I have a spiral wrapped RCTB56H roller rod if you wanted to feel it next time you're going past the Hyperdome area


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    Re: 16 ounce sinkers

    Thanks for that offer Owen,ive just placed a order and got him the 655BH so we will see how that goes for him.

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