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    Re: Cooking mud crabs

    Go to an Asian supermarket and get yourself a steamer made for steam buns, you can do 20 crabs in the one hit if you happen to catch that many. I got one here.
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    Re: Cooking mud crabs

    All the top restaurants steam their crabs, trying cooking crab pieces in a wok with a little bit of sauce for the steam, you won't go back to boiling them.

    or bring them to my place and I'll cook them for you, just want a feed! 😊

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    Re: Cooking mud crabs

    Hungry6 don't have a photo by any chance.

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    Re: Cooking mud crabs

    Here you go buddy.
    The photo shows the smaller one of the 2 I got, the larger one is in the pantry and I'm banned from going into the pantry at night.
    This one should do around 10 crabs, but the larger one is same just LARGER.
    They are dual stack with the water boiler at the bottom.
    They're pretty cheap and does really nice steamed fish also.
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    Re: Cooking mud crabs

    AND if you don't have any crabs then steam buns are great too... Nice setup.

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    Re: Cooking mud crabs

    Anyone use beer to steam them? Have seen a quite few steam mix recipes using beer or even ginger beer instead of water and want to know if it gives it a better taste or I should just drink them instead...
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    Re: Cooking mud crabs

    IMO none of these recipes do anything to flavor the crabs unless you are cleaning and breaking them up the crabs first. When I boil my crabs I add coffee granules to the water, NOT to flavor the crabs but to minimize to smell of boiling crabs. The coffee flavor does not penetrate the crabs in the slightest.
    Maturity is not when we start speaking BIG things,it is when we start understanding small things

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    Re: Cooking mud crabs

    I never really liked mud crab when I was younger as it was always boiled and I thought it wasn't that flash. But I got introduced to the steaming of crabs and found it great. The little secret I got told was to add 1/2 - 1 cup of sugar to the water being used for steaming.

    So obviously for steaming they are killed before hand, cut in half, cleaned in salt water then thrown in the steamer/pot for the desired time.

    Bloody delicious if you ask me.


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