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    Heartbreaking decision


    Due to the costs of fuel, and my much further travel commitments, I'm going to have to say farewell to my fourbie of ten years. Just after some advice regarding selling her.

    Some surface rust around the periphery of the roof (some bog jobs throughout), but pretty good body, otherwise. Nothing that would affect the actual running/safety of the vehicle. Mechanically runs really well, and serviced every six months. Near new exhaust, alternator, clutch, tyres.

    I have eleven months rego left. Getting a roadworthy could be bloody costly/impossible, given the rust. So, just wondering what you fellas reckon about getting the most bang for my buck. She's an '89 Nissan Patrol, with 335 000 K's. Such a great off-road vehicle, and very reliable, but just too pricey on the juice for me, now.

    You reckon I'd be better off selling the parts, or selling her without roadworthy? Any other options?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Heartbreaking decision

    get the rust fixed and clean her up if you spend a bob you will find a buyer at a reasonable price but if you don't want to cancel the rego and wreck it i have the 60 series landcruiser face book so i can't help you unload it if it was a 60 series i would put it to sleep and wreck it the parts do shift quick.

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    Re: Heartbreaking decision

    Thanks, Hilly. Yeah, would love to get the rust fixed, but it's in some compromising places that I think will cost a heap to get to/cut out. (The corner of the roof and sides of the roof) I haven't actually enquired about how much, but I think it'd be quite a few clams. Wrecking it may be the best option. THanks heaps for the advice, mate.

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