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    what's at Charters Towers

    My daughter is now working at Charters Towers and has come up with a request to bring along some fishing gear for her. I understand it is freshwater fishing and from what she hears it is mostly with bait but she knows little else as she has not spent much time there yet and is still finding her way around. What kind of fish would be around there and what sort of gear should I bring when I visit. Any advice would be great , thanks.

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    Re: what's at Charters Towers

    I grew up there we targeted Sooty Grunter which we called Black Bream and Jew {eel-tailed catfish].
    Since then I believe there are introduced species like Tilapia and Yellowbelly and crocs.
    I seem to remember liver and garden worms were used as bait but Sooty Grunter will take lures.

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    Re: what's at Charters Towers

    Thanks Sandbar, I arrived yesterday and got down to the river and there was a guy fishing for sleepy cod, he had 4 already and caught another two in the short time I was theremail. Not sure about the crocs as from what I have heard there was only one sighting in the history of the town and the guy was apparently drunk at the time. I did bring up some gear for her but from ongoing discussions with her friends I suspect it is more a case of a social gathering where a few ales get consumed. I think she is getting into thespirit of things very quickly. Oh almost forgot the guy was using fresh prawns and for the soothes the others use bullocks heart.

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    Re: what's at Charters Towers

    Barra are also stocked there. Those in the know apparemtly do ok.

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    Re: what's at Charters Towers

    Brooksy, that was mentioned but I think this is more a social thing but still I managed to put together a fishing kit for my daughter that should cover her for even the barra as the rod was a rod I gave her was one I had used previously for spinning for them.

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