Hi everyone,

I find myself house sitting for some friends up in Emerald for a couple weeks, and I have never been red claw fishing before so I thought I'd give it a go and unfortunately I don't have access to a boat so it would be from the shore.

After buying a couple opera house traps I learned that trap theft is a huge problem here - super huge, and I can see that a few people have run into problems in the forums already with this.

I have a few questions that kind of all tie together about Red Claw fishing and anti theft measures, however I am of the mind that the best anti theft measure you can have is just sitting with the trap until it's done.

Anyway my questions are;
- What Bait (I heard potato / sweet potato & Rockmelon are the favorite ones around here)
- How long should the trap be in / I wait for with it? 2-3-4 hours?
- Are there any good spots anyone is willing to share? It's a pretty big dam and some guidance would be great! Even if it's just the type of spot to look for (fallen trees, scrubish, etc).

I really only want about 3-4 for tea, more is plus but I am using only 2 traps. Is this achievable or should I really be using a few more traps?

Thanks everyone!