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    Sunday Morning Bass'in Session

    With the big swell on today and a bit of wind predicted to blow up mid morning , I had no serious boating plans - so the boat stayed locked up in the garage.

    I woke up at to find a great morning , so plan B was hatched - I chucked my back pack and rod in the car and drove down to my newly discovered creek down at the Redlands.

    By 10.30 am I'd tagged and released 6 nice little bass and headed home. I must be getting old because, I'm resorting to this plan B a lot in recent times.
    - Fishing in a protected little creek , in mirror like water , with no boat or fish to clean on returning home , certainly has it upside.
    The only negative point today , was when I lost an SX40 Ecogear hard body to a feisty little specimen who he decided to show me his underwater den. At $19 a pop , it was a low pouch indeed ! At least I know where he lives - he won't be so lucky next time!

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    Re: Sunday Morning Bass'in Session

    Can I ask why you are tagging bass, just out of curiosity.

    Cheers bron

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    Re: Sunday Morning Bass'in Session

    Hi Bronson, Nothing special about bass, I do however only target the wild non stocked specimens , which makes them a little special I suppose.I've been tagging fish for a hobby for just over ten years now, I could say I do it to help with fisheries research which I'm interested in and happy to help out with, but I get more buzz out of getting recapture notifications finding out where our scaley friends have moved onto .I have a few friends who also tag fish and have a friendly rivilry to see who can attain the most achievement awards though an organisation called 100 flathead wins you an achievement award,75 bass is the required number for this species award.Once I tag my 75th bass , I'll move on and target another species on Sunfishes specified species list.Bass will be the tenth species award for me, I'm also working on many other species similtaneously, so never get bored with one style of fishing.I've tagged 1000's of fish with over 500 snapper with my tags in them.If your interested in tagging fish -goggle infofish then have a look at the Sunfish web site .
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    Re: Sunday Morning Bass'in Session

    Thanks for the info I will have a look, sounds interesting to say the least.

    Cheers Bron

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