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    Finding my first barra

    Hi guys

    Always been an active saltwater fishi but never caught a freshwater fish
    Keen to tangle with a decent barra
    Live at Caloundra and enjoy a decent weekend camping trip with familly
    What's a good location and when
    Any info would be handy because I have no idea

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    Re: Finding my first barra

    Live bait is always best however I have had some luck with white / silvery soft plastics in the past. Barra are night prowlers and its much easier to land them around night fall as their waking up and everything else is settling down.

    As for locations I'd check up where it's stocked possibly? I caught mine out in Emerald in the Nogoa River here:

    That being said Emerald is a fair way away from you (and usually me) so whilst I'd recommend it for a trip for the family if you are willing, I can't really help you with places closer to Caloundra.

    Sooner the better though, everything slows down a tad in the cooler months.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Finding my first barra

    If you have a boat and it's only a weekend trip you're looking at I'd be heading to Monduran Dam.

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    Re: Finding my first barra

    At the moment, your best bet would be the Boyne River. If you really want to make it worthwhile, save your pennies and have a charter with Johnny Mitchell. You will learn more from him in a half day charter than you'll teach yourself in a year of chasing Barra.

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    Re: Finding my first barra

    Thanks guys lots of food for thought . The charter might be good and them check out monduran . Let you know how I go

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    Re: Finding my first barra

    Can highly recommend Johnny Mitchell.

    cheers rossco

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    Re: Finding my first barra

    me and my mates are skipping schoolies on the gold coast and going out western qld somewhere so we can do our own thing. can anyone suggest a good camping spot, good flat ground and good water. preferably on the condamine or dumaresq!


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