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    Fresh water trip with the future in-laws

    Hi all

    i haven't done much fresh water fishing at all. My fiancées parents are coming from Argentina for our wedding and was planning to spend a weekend at one of the fresh water impounds.

    any advice on a good location that isn't geared entirely to fishing...and also advice on how to catch fresh water fish (bass or Barra this time of year?)

    Heard Boondooma isn't too bad.

    i have a boat and am based in Brissy

    any advice much appreciated

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    Re: Fresh water trip with the future in-laws

    Boondooma is a great fishery but it is a long way from many other interesting attractions.

    I would probably suggest Borumba (2hrs). There's a few animals at the deer park plus Gympie and the Sunshine Coast aren't too far away. Kenilworth, Maleny and Montville are close too and worth a look. Borumba has been closed because of algae for the last couple of months but hopeful we'll get some rain and it will open soon. It should fish it's head off then.

    Bjelke Petersen
    is near Murgon (3hrs) and fishing well at the moment, a good camping ground with cabins, tennis court, and a great pool. Plus a few wineries are nearby.

    If you don't mind a drive (6hrs+) Cania is excellent. The facilities at the camping ground are 2nd to none with a lot of free roaming native animals and a wild parrot feeding session every arvo, pools, tennis, par-3 golf. And some great walking trails in the surrounding National Park. The camping ground is especially great for kids.

    I hope this helps some, and also a big congrats on your upcoming wedding, hope the days goes well.

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    Re: Fresh water trip with the future in-laws

    Cheers for the response Mike. Will keep an eye on Borumba. Sounds good.

    the algae doesn't kill the fish off?

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    Re: Fresh water trip with the future in-laws

    It will be fine Wertz. A few years ago you would have still been allowed to fish on the lake, they just would have banned swimming. These day authorities are very worried about liability, which is fair enough I suppose.

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