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    Pink rod for wife 10-15kg over head

    Hi all never had a custom rod before but would really like to get one built for the wife as a surprise. With pink bindings
    the reel will be a 2 speed diawa saltist 20 overhead.

    just after how hard this is to do with maybe a script or text possibly a bow on the rod as well around the 6 foot 6 length don't want it to be to heavy either I live on the west side of Brisbane and would like any info on how to go about this as never done this before

    depending on how this goes might get a jigging rod done for myself in the future
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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    Re: Pink rod for wife 10-15kg over head

    There's plenty of people on here that can do it and they'll most likely contact you by pm.
    My advice is that to be a custom rod as opposed to a hand made rod then the builder has to have a face to face with either your wife or someone the same build,
    That way they can get the length of the grips and reel sheet position right for her build and the fishing style.
    For example if she's short and has to put the rod under her arm when bottom bashing, you need the rear grip longer.
    If it's for flinging iron (not likely given your reel choice) then I like the rear grip not to reach past the elbow so it doesn't smack you in the ribs.
    I know you want it to be a surprise, but a well fitted rod is easier to fish and she'll fish longer in a session which means you fish longer and more often


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    Re: Pink rod for wife 10-15kg over head

    Thanks Owen i will take that into consideration very good points
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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    Re: Pink rod for wife 10-15kg over head

    I'm not sure of the intended purpose of the rod but am going to take a punt on general bottom fishing with bait. Being for the missus I suggest a short rear grip, say 15cm on a short rod of between 5'6" to 6'.
    She will appreciate the shorter rod with shorter rear grip. It will be like an oversized Baitcaster which will also suit the reel.
    My wife has one just like this and it's everyone's favourite overhead. Even the guys are not afraid to admit it. My brother just built one for his son in a similar way with a Saltiga Z30 on it.

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    Re: Pink rod for wife 10-15kg over head

    Thanks for the insight daintreeboy I will take it in to consideration and spot on for the rod
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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