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    Creek Critters

    It was a bit windy yet again this weekend, so I went for another wander up the upper reaches of a little creek down in the Redlands area . Armed with a small back pack and little 1 to 4kg rod and reel ,within an hour and a half ,I managed to knock off 3 bass and a little mullet on a Ecogear sx 40 hard body. It was quite humid this afternoon and the bass were feeding freely on insects off the surface in one of the larger holes . The 2 larger bass I got , hit the lure after just one or two cranks of the reel, their strikes were pretty spectacular in the skinny water and actually got the blood pumping a little . Got two at 400mm and another at 370mm.- still trying to crack one at 500mm but I'd say there wont be too many at that size in the little creek.
    They all gave a good account for themselves in the very heavily wooded creek. Got a couple of photos before I released them.
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    Re: Creek Critters

    Sounds like a good afternoon session there mate,well done on landing a few as for the big 500mm Bass you never no which corner it could be around.Now you've got me itching for a Bass Session, Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers Bron

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    Re: Creek Critters

    Hi there BeastMaster. Looks like a good afternoons fishing and no boat to wash.
    Do you tag the Bass of did they have the tags in them?

    Bait is better.

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    Re: Creek Critters

    Hi Finicky, I put the tags in them.Looking forward to the end of the closed session so I can have another crack at them.
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