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Thread: Tall Ship weave

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    Tall Ship weave

    Here is my latest, Tall Ship weave for display at the Fred Hall show next week.
    97 x 134 4 layers and a few headaches.
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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    Wow that's cool
    That's a nice fish you caught... Do you mind if I use it for bait.

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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    Shit man do you ever sleep?
    I'm expecting to drop by and find you with long hair, a long beard and red bull cans everywhere lol

    Seriously though this is one of the most beautiful weaves I've ever seen.
    The design is perfect and you've done an outstanding job wrapping it.
    Definitely the work of a master.


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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    I can't even begin to imagine how the hell you did that.

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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    awsome work mate

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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    Amazeing and incredable Pedro.

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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    Wow! Owen's comment x 2. Great job.

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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    Very nice job mate.

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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    And here I was thinking that recent Tiger weave you did was your best ever. Brilliant work!

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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    An artist at work!
    I am so happy to wake up in the morning.

    Beats the alternative!

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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    Outstanding work Mate. Have you been out at all or just wrapping rods?


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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    Sensational work. Leigh

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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    Now that is awesome!!!

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    Re: Tall Ship weave

    wow thats beautiful.

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