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    Good Cod Weekend

    Just finished 4 day's fishing down Emmaville way with Apollo, Callop and Robersl. Terrific weekend. Thought the low river level would be a problem but we caught and released 28 cod. Best fish went 66cm. Callop got bragging rights with two on fly. Finished off with a night blasting bunnies.

    Good weekend, good company and good fun.
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    Re: Good Cod Weekend

    Great looking fish. Would have been a good weekend.

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    Re: Good Cod Weekend

    Where is the other photos?
    I am so happy to wake up in the morning.

    Beats the alternative!

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    Re: Good Cod Weekend

    Quote Originally Posted by Apollo View Post
    Where is the other photos?
    I have refrained in the name of taste and decency !!!

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    Re: Good Cod Weekend

    Just love the back country around Emmaville, some excellent cod waters. Well done, mate.

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    Re: Good Cod Weekend

    Sounded like a great trip guys, got love that country.

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